Are you into Star Trek? Do you like to read or collect Star Trek novels? Want to know what Star Trek books are scheduled to be out in the future but don't know where to look? Need to track all the Star Trek titles that you own? Are your significant other or children into Star Trek? Then look no further!

If you like Star Trek, you NEED this application!

This app contains information on over 550 Star Trek books - that's just about every Star Trek novel published. And - it does much more than just list out each book - it includes cover images, book details, links to Memory Alpha, and links to purchase or pre-order any you're missing.

To personalize the app to your own Star Trek Collection, you can mark books as Owned, Wanted, or Not Wanted, and individually rate each book using a 5 star rating so you'll know which ones you'd recommend or like to re-read! If you tag a book as Owned, it shows up on your own personal bookshelf right inside the app, so you always know which books you own, right at your fingertips! Now you'll never be standing in your local book store wondering if you should buy that book that caught your eye - just check to see if you already own it or if it's on your Want list - no more guessing about your shopping list!

Here's yet another cool feature you'll love - Not only can you can sort the list of novels (and your own bookshelf) by publish date, but also by the year that the story takes place within the Star Trek universe! Books are also grouped within Star Trek eras (i.e., Rise of the Empire Era, New Republic Era, etc.). This lets you see the whole Star Trek universe timeline for each Era (TOS, TNG, etc.) from the beginning to the end, so you can re-read your books in the order they happen! Other sorting options include, by series, by title, and by release date.

Want to know when new Star Trek books are scheduled to be out but don't know where to look? Sort by release date and all the books with publication dates in the future sort right to the top - perfect for identifying which ones youp still need to pre-order! And when new book titles are released by publishers, we do out best to get an update out with the new titles as soon as possible, so you no longer have try to find that information yourself somewhere else.

• Contains information on 550+ Star Trek novels
• Shows cover images when available
• Tracks the year in the Star Trek universe in which the story takes place
• Groups books by the Star Trek Era in which the story takes place (TOS, TNG, DS9, etc.)
• Tag each book as Owned, Wanted, or Not Wanted
• Rate each book on a Five Star scale
• Track your Owned and Wanted books on your personal bookshelf right inside the app
• Sort by Star Trek Year/Era, Publication date, Title, or Series
• Easily identify new or pre-release titles by sorting by Publication date
• Includes data such as authors, publication date, number of pages, publisher, and ISBN
• Will be kept up-to-date as new Star Trek books are announced and cover images are released

We've worked very hard to include as many novels in this app as possible. It's possible, however, we may have missed one you own. If you find one we missed, please email us the title, author, and (if you can) the ISBN number, and we'll get it added in an update. Please note that this app does NOT contain the actual text of the books themselves, just information on each one