Put your observation skills to the test!

In Photo Spy, you are shown two almost identical images - it's your job to find the five differences before the clock runs out!

Look carefully - attention to detail is a must -- Some differences are harder to spot that others!

There are three difficulty levels, from Easy to Hard, so there's levels for everyone of every skill level.  The more you play, the more levels you unlock - you only get to play the more challenging levels once you prove you can master the easy ones!

And what about when you just can't find that last difference and you're convinced there just isn't one?  Well, you've got three hints available to you - but use them wisely!


- 3 difficulty levels with 20 images each.

- Play your own iPod music in the background - no annoyances distracting you from playing!

- The Medium and Hard difficulty levels unlock as you complete easier ones.

- Photos have all been chosen specifically for the iPhone's screen and optimized by hand to provide the best gameplay experience.

- High score list for each difficulty level to track your progress and compete with friends.